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What is the product of unemployment, moving to San Francisco, and a desire to ditch the Yelpers of the world and discover my environments by alternative and public transportation?

Me and the Metropolis.

I’ll break away from the usually pithy blog-speak and level with you: this is an experiment influenced by a love for the city and a desire to better understand transportation behaviors. Can I abandon my car Sophia (yes, she has a Facebook page) and drastically reduce my car usage for a year? Can I walk, bike, bus, and rail to and from my destinations? What would it look like and how much would it cost? Will making the concrete-connection enrich and enliven my relationship to the city? Can I do this all while experiencing the sights, the food, the drink, and the culture that comprise a metropolis? Finally–and arguably, most importantly–can I make some wicked chart porn from the results?

So what makes me “qualified” to endeavor such a thing? Well, first and foremost, I love the city; I am obsessed with urban formations, architecture, and neighborhoods; I went to school to better understand the city and its effect on the artist; I have lived in urban environments my entire life; and Los Angeles (my home) and I are forever linked (or inked may be a better word). And what can you expect to find here? I will try to spare the bountiful details resulting from travel demand forecasting and miles-traveled, and instead share my eye-level view of the city infused with literary reference, musical influence, and culinary curiosity. A regular Stephen Dedalus, a modern-day man about town.

Finally, this blog will also allow me to experiment with a lot of my other interests, namely graphic + website design. This particular blog–Jon and the Metropolis–will soon transition to Me and the Metropolis and will be a featured aspect of my online presence and portfolio.

I am looking forward to this upcoming year.

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